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CPS Instruments furthers research and innovation across multiple industries through cutting-edge solutions in particle analysis

Why Choose CPS

Industries that rely on accurate particle analysis, rely on CPS Instruments' state-of-the-art disc centrifuges.

Improve decision-making

Policies, profitability, and reputations ride on precise measurements. Measure any type of particle between 5 nanometers and 75 microns at 2 to 10 times the resolution of any other particle sizing instrument with the CPS disc centrifuge.

Expedite operations

CPS Instruments’ disc centrifuge improves operational efficiency with its four-step sample analysis and intuitive maintenance. The instrument’s sensitive on-board balancing device constantly monitors the disc, decreasing long-term maintenance costs.

Accelerate progress

Get precise, repeatable results up to 4 times faster than comparable centrifugal sedimentation analyzers. CPS Instruments’ centrifugal sedimentation particle size analyzers empower innovators to make vital discoveries sooner.



Unparalleled particle measurement capabilities

CPS Instruments changed the parameters of particle size measurements.

Laser diffraction and other comparable particle size techniques are limited by the size, shape, and density of particles. CPS Instruments' disc centrifuge is the only instrument capable of measuring the size of particles under 10 nanometers. Our novel modifications make it possible to correct for size results when particle shapes are nonspherical and to measure low density particles, which has been impossible in the past.

Robust disc centrifuge design

When pioneers strike out into the unknown, they take tools that will weather the journey.

CPS Instruments equips nanomaterial researchers and manufacturers with durable, pragmatic tools. The CPS disc centrifuge was built to withstand 24,000 RPMs and all the common solvents it might come into contact with in a standard lab. Its interior components are comprised of corrosion resistant aluminum, and its outer shell is a thermoplastic with the beneficial characteristics of acrylic and PVC plastics.

Diverse industrial applications

The CPS disc centrifuge enables researchers and manufacturers in a wide array of fields to optimize operations and accelerate progress.

Multiple industries are taking advantage of our instrument's ability to analyze samples that had defied measurement in the past, including the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biological, semiconductors, and printing and paints industries.

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Industry leaders have carefully analyzed our particle size measurement solutions, and this is what they've discovered.

  • In the past Dynamic Light Scattering was the standard technique for most solution based particle sizing measurements, however, with the advent of Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis we are able to tailor our measurements better to individual samples. Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation is normally at least as quick as Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis and Dynamic Light Scattering so it is used routinely.

    Nia Bell, Analytik Limited

  • The amazing resolution of the CPS Disc Centrifuge allowed us to analyse nanoparticle structures with very little size difference’. Dr Stefan Bon added ‘The strength of the disc centrifuge technique over other particle sizing methods is that it can distinguish small differences in particle size populations in a relative easy manner.

    Catheline Colard, Department of Chemistry, ANALYTIK LIMITED

  • We chose DCS as one of the research techniques because of its superior resolution in terms of the measurement of particles with polymodal particle size distribution when compared to other techniques. The CPS Disc Centrifuge analyser also demonstrated excellent measurement repeatability. We also thought it would be suitable for the measurement of non-spherical ENPs and making comparative measurements with other techniques because of the possibility of particle size correction using effective density. Literature evidence also showed that Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation might be one of the techniques giving an accurate particle size distribution for polydisperse samples.

    Agnieszka Dudkiewicz, the Food & Environment Research Agency, ANALYTIK LIMITED

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