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 When knowing your real particle size distribution matters
Resolve to use the CPS Disc Centrifuge.
New dynamic balancing introduced at Pittcon 2013 allows the user to easily balance the disc to factory specifications.

The disc centrifuge provides the highest resolution particle size distribution results.
The above images represent results of a mixture of five polystyrene latex samples (nominally 0.15, 0.25, 0.50, 0.78, and 1.25 microns) combined and analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscopy (top), Laser Diffraction (left) and the CPS Disc Centrifuge (right). The disc centrifuge allows for baseline separation with minimal peak widening due to the instrument. When information about the distribution and not just the mean particle size is important, the disc centrifuge is the instrument of choice.
The CPS Dynamic Balancing Module monitors the disc while it is running at high speed and lets the user know when the disc is significantly out of balance. The module identifies which balancing hole on the disc needs weight to be added and how many milligrams of weight to add. An out of balance disc can now be balanced in less than an hour by the user, and an operational disc can be touched up in minutes. The Dynamic Balancing Module can be used on any CPS Disc centrifuge manufactured in the last ten years, and will keep your disc balanced to factory specifications, ensuring maximum bearing life and lower operating noise levels. The Dynamic Balancing Module eliminates the need for a service call or for the instrument to be returned to the production plant for balancing.
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